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September 08, 2008 01:00 AM

Builder offering big discounts to select buyers
Paying different prices for same model creates tension

When it makes sense to overpay for house
Owning long term should be part of game plan

Staging home for sale worth the cost
Property will often sell more quickly and for higher price

Two women, one dead lover, and an estate to split
'Dishonest' judge, invalid will cloud issue of who gets what

Landlord fears lawsuit for reporting child porn
Rent it Right

Inheritor wants new mortgage, name on deed
Must closing costs be paid when transferring title?

'Termite' inspection is a misnomer
REThink Real Estate

Earthquake retrofit begins in crawl space
Tips on properly fastening cripple walls to mudsill, floor joists

Rid septic system of tree roots
Is copper sulfate both safe and effective?

Qualities of a great real estate agent
When shopping for a home, matching agent to your needs is vital

Caretaker's a lifesaver: How do I sell her my house?
Avoid IRS trouble with reasonable financing rate

Common disputes between home buyers, sellers
When it comes to defects and deposits, know how to communicate

Three ways to reduce capital gains tax
IRS gives sellers a break when enduring 'unforeseen circumstances'

Credit pinch forces buyers to save
Borrowers must get back to basics in building equity